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CORIAN® DuPont is an original material for solid surfaces created more than 30 years.

CORIAN® is a mixture of high-tech natural minerals, pigments and pure acrylic polymer.

The personality of CORIAN ® is flashy, tonic, creative, elegant and capable of all transformations. A material to perform virtually any project. In a nutshell, Corian ® is a unique feeling.


* 100% Hygienic * Not porous * Resists stains * There are plain colors * Amendments * There are imperceptible vats in the same material * Resists Impacts * Can be repaired * Your temperature is not cold * No burning with cigarettes * No propagates Flames * It is resistant to moisture and salt air

Available colors

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Caima Combi

It is the union of stone or quartz thin thicknesses of polystyrene, with a rigid structure and inhibitory adding calls being 100% waterproof.


Stone Rev

Rev Stone is the ideal solution to be able to change your kitchen without works without dirt and without extended terms.

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