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Silestone ® is the world leader in quartz surfaces. Thanks to the wide network of Cosentino, Silestone ® brand can be found anywhere in the world. 

Such a unique stone that results from combining the best that nature has to offer with the latest technology. 

Silestone ® has a sophisticated look, touch and weight of natural stone, but with a higher quality. Composed of at least 90%, by (essentially natural quartz and silica), Silestone ® inorganic fillers can create from the most beautiful kitchen worktop to the most innovative commercial projects. The consistency of its color is incomparable to any other natural stone. 

Silestone ® is available in slabs C and 3.06 x 1.40 x 3.25 J plaques approximately 1.59.

Available colors

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Quartz is silicon (SiO2) crystallized, usually white or transparent color dioxide, although there may be other colors to form in the presence of impurities. 

It is in pure state or present in other components. Due to its high hardness and its resistance to acids is used for the manufacture of various products that require high performance and precision. This quartz is the primary component of the plaques Silestone®.

Anti - Bacteria

Anti - Bacteria

Silestone ® countertops now come with Microban antibacterial protection. A revolutionary treatment that ensures maximum hygiene and the Silestone ® incorporates into all of its products. 

• inhibits bacterial growth of any kind. 

• This is not a surface treatment. It is in 100% yield. 

• Do not alter any of the physico-mechanical properties of Silestone ®. 

• In simulations to 30 years there remain 100% of anti-bacterial properties. 

• ALL production Silestone ® incorporates Microban. 

• Microban ® is the world leader in antibacterial solutions. 

It is applied successfully for over 35 years in multiple products used in sectors such as Hospital, Construction and Food. 

Some of the bacteria that inhibits: 

Salmonella, Listeria, E-coli, Staphylococcus, Aspergillus, REE ...

Advantages of Silestone


Silestone ® has an elegance and beauty only comparable to the most beautiful natural stones such as quartz or diamond.

The natural quartz in Silestone ® gives you a distinct density , brightness , scintillation and radiant one only comparable to some natural stones touch.



Silestone ® is available in more than 50 colors to ensure that there is an adjustable most styles and textures color.

Cosentino continues to increase the range of colors of Silestone ® every year.



Silestone ® is non- porous and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine , lemon juice , olive oil , vinegar, makeup , and many other everyday products surface.



Silestone ® can be used in any interior surface including kitchen and bathroom worktops , stairs , panels , baths , floors, walls , bar counters, tables and offices ...



The quartz corresponds to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale ( diamond is number 10 ) . Therefore , while the knife edge can be a threat to most other materials , such as granite or melamine , scratch that , Silestone ® does not appear any brand . Silestone ® is highly resistant to scratches ; however, must not be handled with excessive force .



The high resistance to shocks by Silestone ® , which largely exceeds that of other products with similar applications (granite , solid surfaces , etc. . ) , Allows a high tranquility in your kitchen due to the manipulation of objects of great hardness (pots , trays, etc. . ) .

This resistance is achieved thanks to the composition of quartz (hardness ) and polyester resin ( elasticity) and the vibrocompression system used in its manufacture.



· High Strength

- Acids , oils , coffee, wine , soft drinks , etc. .

· Do not use if any

- Hydrofluoric acid, dichloromethane , NaOH - caustic soda, paint strippers .

· Bleach

- Do not use maintenance; if the product remains on the surface for more than 12 hours , the surface may lose luster.

· Cleaners alkaline pH > 12

- Do not use maintenance; if the product remains on the surface for more than 12 hours , the surface may lose luster.

· Trichloroethylene

- Can be used to eliminate a particular spot . After rubbing , remove the product by rinsing with clean water .

· Acetone

- Can be used to eliminate a particular spot . After rubbing , remove the product by rinsing with clean water .

· Paint thinners

- Can be used to eliminate a particular spot . After rubbing , remove the product by rinsing with clean water .



Grease stains and routine cleaning :

Silestone ® recommends the use of Q FORCE or Q ACTION on maintaining their stands.

For grease stains , apply a small amount of Q FORCE or Q ACTION on the stain and rub with a scouring pad ( Scotch - Brite type ) until they disappear. Then wash with water.

Patches of lime water ( brands of glasses , etc. . )

Apply hydrochloric acid on the surface of the countertop and let stand for 1 minute . Wash with water . Follow the recommendations given by the use of hydrochloric acid manufacturer. Do not apply to other products ( faucets , sinks , etc.). Except bench , as this could affect the finish of these .


Silicone patches :

Use a blade and a little solvent ( which do not present in their composition dichloromethane , methylene dichloride , 2- chloro- methane) . Wash with water .


Stubborn stains :

For stubborn stains apply the Q FORCE or Q ACTION on the product area of Silestone ® product affected , leave for 2 minutes and then rub vigorously with a mop ( the type Scotch - Brite ) . Later wash with water .


Loss of gloss :

The loss of shine on the surface of Silestone ® countertops may be due to the use of products ( waxes , sprays , sealants , etc. . ) To highlight its luster , though with the passage of time the effect of such products is lost .

It is, therefore , a loss of anything related to the ex- mechanic brightness of the original product.

To recover this natural gloss using a multipurpose spray furniture, suitable for use in countertop is recommended.


• Do not place Silestone ® outdoors or in places which have lamps with emission of UV rays The sun's rays can affect , with over the years, the color and shade of Silestone ® .


• Do not use repellents and sealants to enhance the brightness . The glow that Silestone ® has once installed , is the natural shine of the product itself . The seals and repellents provide an artificial and ephemeral glow.


• Do not use paint strippers , caustic soda or products above pH 10 .


• If you use bleach or diluent , wash with water and never leave them permanently in contact with the surface . The bleach and the solvent can affect the product within 12 hours.


• Do not use chlorine-based products such as dichloromethane ( in paint strippers ) .


• The surface of the material shall not be sanded again , not on the floor or in the stands .


• Do not use degreasers such as those used in cleaning agents ovens .


• Silestone ® Isolate from sources of heat ( fryers , etc. . ) . Although Silestone ® support temperatures up to 170 ° C is not recommended product exposure to constant contact with heat sources and putting on the same hot pots, pans , fryers . We recommend that you always use base plates to land hot objects .

Dishwashers Silestone

 Dishwashers Silestone®

Countertop and sink in one piece versatility in your kitchen with different models of sinks and a large variety of colors.

Caima Combi

It is the union of stone or quartz thin thicknesses of polystyrene, with a rigid structure and inhibitory adding calls being 100% waterproof.


Stone Rev

Rev Stone is the ideal solution to be able to change your kitchen without works without dirt and without extended terms.

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