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Cersize® is available at: 

3600cm x 1200cm plates in various thicknesses 3 mm * 5 mm * 5 mm * 5 +3 +5 mm 

Signs 325cmx 150cm in thickness from 12 mm (See colors available in this thickness)


Available colors

Group 1

Group 2


Group 4

Group 5


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Technical porcelain stoneware last generation, with excellent mechanical and environmental properties. The material hardness on the Mohs scale is 7 to 8 colors, and some others. 

The best solution for any architectural project given the multiplicity of applications in indoor, outdoor and patio furniture. The new benchmark in the world of design, architecture and construction. 

Due to its high hardness and its resistance to acids is used for the manufacture of various products that require high performance and precision.

Anti - Bacteria

Anti - Bacteria

Advantages of Cersize

Material very resistant to wear , stains and heat .



Cersize ® is available in 30 colors , to ensure that there is an adjustable most styles and textures color.



Cersize ® is a non - porous and highly resistant to stains from coffee, wine , lemon juice , olive oil , vinegar, makeup , and many other everyday products surface.



Cersize ® can be used in any interior surface including kitchen and bathroom worktops , stairs , panels , baths , floors, walls , bar counters, tables and offices ...



The porcelain corresponds to grade 7 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale ( diamond is number 10 ) . Therefore , while the knife edge can be a threat to most other materials , such as granite or melamine , scratch that , in Cersize ® does not appear any marca.Sersize ® is highly resistant to scratches.



The high resistance to shocks by Cersize ® , which largely exceeds that of other products with similar applications (granite , solid surfaces , etc. . ) , Allows a high tranquility in your kitchen due to the manipulation of objects of great hardness (pots , trays, etc. . ) .



· High Strength

- Acids , oils , coffee, wine , soft drinks , etc. .



Usually clean with water and detergent.


Do not slam with hard objects.

Caima Combi

It is the union of stone or quartz thin thicknesses of polystyrene, with a rigid structure and inhibitory adding calls being 100% waterproof.


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