The formula Montelli® comprises a methacrylate resin and polyester combined with a mineral charge of aluminum. 

DuPontTM Montelli® Basic presents itself as a solid and homogeneous material throughout its thickness, making it highly durable. How lacks pores is very easy to clean, keeping the look again for years ... 

Being a composite material of Dupont, is produced by a continuous casting process, meeting the strictest standards of quality control.


Does not retain odors or absorb stains.

Can be used to create wallcoverings, coffee tables, reception counters, kitchen and bath counter tops,as well as many other applications. It is a material suitable for areas subject to heavy use.

DuPontTM Montelli® can be cut, worked, united together with impercetíveis, polished and etched to create a wide variety of design's textures and effects.

Available colors

Group A

Group B

Group C


CORIAN® DuPont is an original material for solid surfaces created more than 30 years.

CORIAN® is a mixture of high-tech natural minerals, pigments and pure acrylic polymer.

The personality of CORIAN ® is flashy, tonic, creative, elegant and capable of all transformations. A material to perform virtually any project. In a nutshell, Corian ® is a unique feeling.


* 100% Hygienic * Not porous * Resists stains * There are plain colors * Amendments * There are imperceptible vats in the same material * Resists Impacts * Can be repaired * Your temperature is not cold * No burning with cigarettes * No propagates Flames * It is resistant to moisture and salt air

Available colors

Group 0

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4



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