QUARTZ COMPAC was created with the most advanced technology, transforming natural quartz to achieve a product with exceptional strength and stunning beauty: 

Quartz surfaces. 

This material, because of their exceptional physical and mechanical properties maintains an extraordinary hardness, abrasion resistance and ease of cleaning. Moreover, it offers innumerable possibilities of floods decorative combinations of beauty and elegance, with a high quality and perfect finish. 

This is the suitable material for countertops and floors of kitchens, bathrooms, as well as for areas that have to withstand heavy traffic.


Maintenance and care

For its regular maintenance , the QUARTZ COMPAC materials , due to their exceptional physical and chemical characteristics , only require regular cleaning with a product / neutral detergent . Rinse with water and dry.


To eliminate any trace or residue ( eg, fats and oils , wine, vinegar, lemon , soft drinks , coffee ... ) on the surface of QUARTZ COMPAC , just spend impregnated with neutral detergent damp cloth . Rinse with water and dry.


The following examples describe some simple treatments for common problems :

- Grease stains : dilute a small amount of detergent in water and rub the stain with a cloth . Then wash with water.

- Loss of gloss : Using an enhancer suitable for use gloss worktop , treating it as a natural granite.

- Patches of limestone water : Pour vinegar ( or dilute weak acid) on the surface of the lid and let sit for 1 minute. Rinse with water .

- Silicone patches : Using a blade and a little solvent ( such as acetone or ethanol) .